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The All-in-one POS system for Grocery Store, Built intelligently for Grocery Store, Cloud Based POS Software for Retailers and Supermarkets in Pakistan

One Stop Solution for POS Software in Pakistan

POS CheckList Simplified Sales & Purchase Management with CORN POS
POS CheckList Design Offers & Discount Management using CORN POS Wizard
POS CheckList Multiple Billing Counter Choice with reliable, secure & Fast POS
POS CheckList Bar-code & QR Code within made simplified with Cloud POS
POS CheckList Stay connected and increase repeat customers using SMS Alert & Bulk SMS
Point of Sale System Features
CORN POS Inventory Management

Inventory Management

CORN POS CheckList Quick Start, Quickly add thousands of items using the CSV-spreadsheets
CORN POS CheckList Track Inventory Track the stock of products and their components.
CORN POS CheckList Increase profits by preventing stock shortages with Purchase Order Receiving.
CORN POS CheckList Product variants and composites Create multiple product sizes or variations
CORN POS CheckList Low stock notifications Receive daily notifications about low stock
CORN POS CheckList Transfer orders Easily create transfer orders and move stock between stores.
CORN POS CheckList Stock adjustments Increase and decrease stock levels for damages and loss
CORN POS CheckList Label printing Print barcode labels to effortlessly add items.
CORN POS CheckList Physcial Audit Perform stock-takes with a barcode scanner or manual
Point of Sale Services

Ultimate POS System for Grocery Stores

CORN POS CheckList quick, easy to use & cross-platform POS for super stores
CORN POS CheckList Fast Billing, helps you to Make Faster & Accurate Bills
CORN POS CheckList Transparency, invoicing is the clear & easy to understand audit trail
CORN POS CheckList 150+ Reports, Dashboard & Reports for detailed analysis
CORN POS CheckList Cloud POS can save time and money

Expand your supermarket and grocery retail business

CORN POS CheckList Advanced Inventory Management - Tools to quickly replenish stock
CORN POS CheckList Weighing Scale Integration, Automate & simplify your checkout process
CORN POS CheckList Embedded Barcode for your meat and deli products scannable directly on POS
CORN POS CheckList Auotmate, Pass credit card expenses to customers to control cost
CORN POS CheckList Support catalog files from vendors for price updates and new product load.
CORN POS CheckList Easily manage different types of pricing with mix match pricing
CORN POS CheckList Reward your loyal customers with purchase based points with loyalty programs
CORN POS CheckList Create, manage purchase orders for vendors & suppliers, have a clearer view
Free POS For Grocery Store

Cloud Based CORN POS

Best POS for Grocery Store
All your data in one place

Your products, inventory, orders, and customers are automatically updated and backed up in the cloud.

Inventory Management System
Track your sales and growth

Detailed business reports help you to analyze and gain insight into your products, orders and payments.

Retail POS
Customized Requirements

CORN POS makes it easy for you to stay ahead of the competition, your business specific requirements can be integrated.

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