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CORN POS is Affordable and easy to use POS software, covers, all the point of sale features you need to grow your business. Set your business up for success with cloud-based point of sale software

CORN POS Fully Integrated Solution
Fully Integrated Solution

We want you to love the CORN Point of Sale as much as we do, and part of making that happen is giving you the chance to try fully integrated system before you buy.

CORN POS Setup multiple Stores
Setup multiple Stores

The advanced report manager facility produces customized, comprehensive and specific business intelligence reports that can be scheduled or accessed on demand for multiple stores

CORN Store wise Pricing & Auto Promotion
Store wise Pricing & Auto Promotion

CORN POS offers intelligent ordering, identify the true margin of a product in particular area or region based on pre-defined dynamic promotions tool.

CORN POS Roles & user Rights
Roles & user Rights

CORN Point of sale for retail and hospitality businesses has flexible security system ensures that access to all areas of the system is strictly controlled.

Real-time Reporting / Dashboards
Real-time Reporting / Dashboards

Monitoring is the key, CORN POS made it simple, get access to the information you need anytime using a simple web interface. Real time reports on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

CORN Customer Loyalty Schemes
Customer Loyalty Schemes

CORN POS system has flexible range of options for the end user including multiple schemes, points for customer spend, specific products or multi buys, loyalty discounts and vouchers.

CORN POS SMS alert on Day Close
SMS alert on Day Close

Our support team will get assistance from AI-powered suggestions, making it quicker than ever to handle support requests.

CORN POS Computing Equipment & Hardware
Computing Equipment & Hardware

CORN POS provides flexibility and can be used on any computer or tablet. Windows or Mac, Android or iPad can be used in store or restaurant. CORN POS supports all devices & most peripherals.

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CORN POS Features in Pakistan

Most Sophisticated features to run your Retail Business

CORN POS CheckList Exceptional user interface & experience
CORN POS CheckList Cloud POS Works on any Device with advanced offline mode
CORN POS CheckList Analytics Customize your reports to know how your store is performing.
CORN POS CheckList Easily manage your inventory, Increase profits by preventing stock shortages
CORN POS CheckList CORN POS makes it easy to add new outlets as your business grows
CORN Inventory Management In Lahore

Inventory Management

CORN POS CheckList Manage unlimited stores with the #1 POS Software
CORN POS CheckList CORN POS has no limit, Manage unlimited items/products
CORN POS CheckList Cloud POS Manage variations with ease colours, sizes, batches
CORN POS CheckList POS Software, Inventory is adjusted with each sale, purchase and return action
CORN POS CheckList Bulk Import & Export Use template to build your product list in minutes.
CORN POS CheckList Real time updates Whether sell in-store, online or on-the-go
CORN POS CheckList Advance Inventory Manage separate inventory for each and every store location
CORN POS CheckList Multiple outlets It takes only minutes to set-up and start using new outlet or store
CORN POS CheckList Real-time sync No more multiple inventories or guesswork
CORN POS Supplier Management in Pakistan

Point of Sale (POS) Modules

CORN POS CheckList Vendor Management
CORN POS CheckList Purchase Management
CORN POS CheckList Inventory Control
CORN POS CheckList Customer Management
CORN POS CheckList Financials Management
CORN POS CheckList BI & Analytics
CORN POS CheckList Sales & Point of Sale
CORN POS CheckList Recipe Management
CORN POS CheckList Loyalty & Reward Points
Point of Sale System for Restaurants

All-in-one retail platform

CORN POS CheckListcheck Point of sale, diversify revenue streams, and scale your businesses with ease.
CORN POS CheckList Integrated e-Comm, designed to scale with your business and deliver strong ROI
CORN POS CheckList Integrated payments Selling is a breeze with our intuitive, Cloud POS
CORN POS CheckList Loyalty Tailor a custom loyalty program that encourages customers to keep coming.
CORN POS CheckList Inventory counts Enjoy peace of mind with our reliable, secure platform
CORN POS CheckList Customer Display System, Engage your customers and streamline checkouts
CORN POS CheckList Multi-store Opt the right solution now, and expand as you grow
CORN POS CheckList Reporting Make smarter business decisions with real-time insights

Cloud Based CORN POS

CORN POS Provides All your data in one place
All your data in one place

Your products, inventory, orders, and customers are automatically updated and backed up in the cloud.

Track your sales and growth by using CORN POS in Pakistan
Track your sales and growth

Detailed business reports help you to analyze and gain insight into your products, orders and payments.

CORN POS Customized Requirements in Karachi
Customized Requirements

CORN POS makes it easy for you to stay ahead of the competition, your business specific requirements can be integrated.

Point of Sale in Pakistan

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