Kitchen Display Terminal

The technology is changing and transforming the entire restaurant industry at such a fast pace. It's not long ago when directly sending orders from the front to thermal printers at the back was such a big deal.

Now the chefs don't have to yell the orders back and forth.

While the traditional kitchen printer system is not going anywhere for a long time, it is being enhanced by the kitchen display system. They make use of the tablets and ipads and they digitize the order process of the kitchen.

All orders are directly sent from a POS system to the digital screen in the kitchen.

Some basic features of a kitchen display terminal system are:

Meal coursing

Make sure that the group items in a course are prepared and sent out together.

Meal pacing

It manages the cook times of each item and informs the correct station at the correct time when a meal should be prepared.

Cook times

A KDS manages cook times and makes sure that the meal is sent out at the correct time with correct temperature and freshness.

Kitchen Display Terminal


Staff can double check the recipes and preparation procedures.

Routing capabilities

This feature makes sure that the food item is sent to the correct kitchen station.

Is an iPad or a tablet good choice for kitchen display terminal system

This question has no simple answer. It depends on the size of your kitchen and the number of cooks you have. In a smaller kitchen with fewer cooks, it might be optimal and your staff can easily track the orders, this may not be the case in a bigger kitchen. Where there are orders coming in non stop and the kitchen is already chaotic, you might want to have something bigger. As many Cooks will definitely struggle with a single iPad or tablet.

Benefits of a kitchen display terminal system

Environment friendly

As it reduces the paper and printer waste.


Efficiency increases as the orders can be sent immediately to the kitchen screen and human errors can be minimized. And once the order is prepared, the wait staff can come and get it.

Kitchen Display Terminal


It reduces the clutter of paper and staff will definitely appreciate the modern look of a KDS system.

Order tracking

You can track how much time it takes to get an order out of the kitchen. Some KDS systems offer color codes tickets for the late orders, online orders, deliveries, void and paid orders.

Reduce cost

KDS have a larger upfront cost but in the long run, receipt printers cost even more. And as there is less human error, accurate orders mean less food gets wasted.

Insight reporting

Track individual employee's order completion time and efficiency of shifts and staff.

Integrated online ordering

Online orders appear automatically on the system so the staff don't have to enter the POS system again Keep in mind that not all the systems will be the same. Some may have few features and some may have more. So you should make sure what you are getting before you sign up for anything.

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