CORN POS Insights

Your CORN POS is packed with data. It contains all the information, from sales reports, working hours of your staff, inventory information and everything that tells you the story about your business.

You should just know where to look at and how to extract the data, in order to make better business decisions.

Following are some of the most important business insights that you can get using your CORN POS reports.

1. Average traffic at your venue

You must know when customers visit your restaurant more often. And you must know many people come around noon and the table with the best view is always in demand but do you know what the average check size was last Tuesday? It's hard right? But taking a quick glance at your dashboard report, you can easily understand your customer's habits much better and you have a clear insight at how can you enhance their experience.

This way you can learn your seating significantly and also you can learn what things are mostly ordered together. If you put a deal on that, even more people are going to order and your business will grow.

2. What should be your next special?

There are many reasons as to why restaurants offer specials. You could be wanting to keep your kitchen staff inspired or maybe you want to use the inventory items that are soon going to go bad or expire, or maybe you are looking for more creative ways to increase your revenue. In any case, CORN POS reports can help you.

For example, maybe your pizza sales are at an all-time high whereas not many people care to buy a soft drink. You can pair pizza with soft drink and thus both of the items get to sell.

3. What makes your staff unhappy?

Not talking about angry customers and back to back shifts, what are other factors that stress out your staff, CORN POS reports can help you with that too. For example, you see most complaints on last Thursday and checking out the reports tell you that the kitchen was short staffed or maybe there was less wait staff than usual and thus the complaints increased.

With this in mind, you can now work on the crux of the problem and don't have to worry and brainstorm about hundreds of possibilities for an issue.

CORN POS Insights

4. Most profitable time for your restaurant

While a restaurant owner may be able to tell which time of the week most customers come by, but still can he tell you how many exact customers came by at that time and how much was earned at that specific time?

Probably not.

Now having CORN POS reports, you can easily check when the most revenue was made.

Using this insight, you can make many smart business decisions. You can understand when you might need extra staff, and when you can give a little relaxation to your staff. You can confidently make such decisions with your CORN POS.

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